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Brand Building and Market Position

Quattro Fine Wines specializes in the fine luxury wine sector of Asia. We assist clients in developing efficient strategies by creating value and enhancing sales in the precise platforms of Asia for fine luxury wines, while assisting producers of fine wines in entering the Asian market either through our services or our coaching methods with some of the most refined channels in the region. We pride ourselves on having strong relationships and partnerships with a wide variety of fine wine platforms, importers and retailers and advise our client’s on how to market themselves in the preferred sector by guiding them in producing strategic planning for their fine wines with the development of the proper image and brand promotion.

Market Entry Planning & Development

Quattro Fine Wines tailor-makes market and developmental strategies exclusively for fine luxury wines. Our plans are developed for implementation throughout a 12-month period as we assist and advise our clients in periods that fit their needs in a strategic relationship. We apply our expertise in developing the correct strategies and tactics for their fine luxury wines using our media network, developing the proper image and brand to enhance positioning and recognition for our clients’ wines. Our plans are developed with the utmost efficiency in order to save our clients significant time, money and avoiding mistakes when marketing fine wines in Asia.

Regional Business Etiquette Coaching

At Quattro Fine Wines, we have the ability to connect our clients with the most sophisticated fine wine buying platforms in the world, assuming the profile of the wine complies. However, if this is not the case, we are still able to review market access through other tiers of fine wine buyers in Asia. We then are able to produce compelling sales and marketing plans to ensure that our clients’ brand is active in each market. This is highly essential in ensuring that we keep sales and listings in motion.

We are also fully experienced in coaching and preparing our clients’ sales executives and managers to take on the role of marketing wine brands using our very own systematic approach designed specifically to determine readiness to enter new Asian markets with a particular brand and providing an understanding of the different culture and business ethics of each region of interest.

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